Friday, February 8, 2013

To catch you up on the kiddos...

Can you believe this face is 3 1/2? I can't. She is a sassy, smartypants wearing, adorable 3 1/2 year old at that. She is big in to dance class right now and has been itching to get back in to gymnastics, which will start in March. She loves superheroes, "make-ups", playing tea party, and making "bideos" on my phone.

Baby Butterbean isn't much of a baby anymore. He will be 2 in April...which is just insanity. He is running all over and has recently gotten his short, thick legs (compliments of his daddy) to cooperate in mission climb everything he can possibly think to climb. It makes me smile to watch how much of a "dude" he is growing to be. He likes wrestling his sister, getting in to his sister's things, coloring on EVERYTHING, and being the cutest baby boy ever born.

So there. You are up to speed on the cuteness that lives in our house. You are welcome.

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